Industrial Support / Products

The VAREP Team together with their principals are offering products and support ideally suited for the industrial market with its robustness and longterm support requirement and are so the perfect partner for the customers in this market segment.

Industrial Products:

  • Memory/Storage Products
    • SRAMs, synchronous and asynchronous (incl. ECC)
    • DRAMs, synchronous single and double data rate
    • Dual Port RAMs and FIFOs
    • Non-Volatile NV/FRAMs (parallel, serial)
    • Memory Modules (DRAM/NVRAM)
    • Flash Memory Cards (SATA, CF, SD, USB)
    • DRAM Stacking
    • Solid State Drives SSD
    • eMMC
    • other Embedded Graphics and Storage Solutions
  • Mixed Signal Products
    • Clock Distribution
    • CMIC, Configurable Mixed-Signal IC
    • Microcontroller and embedded solutions
    • PSoC, Programmable System-on-Chip
    • Touchscreen/sensing Solutions
    • USB incl. Power Delivery and Bluetooth Low Energy

  • All Products are offered with Temperature Ranges from 0 to 70°C or -25°/ -40°C up to 85° or even 105° C
  • Customer specific products upon request
  • Longterm Support
  • All Products are offered RoHS conform
  • All Production Partners do have ISO qualifications and environmental qualifications
  • SER Test Reports

Industrial Support – customer´s partner through the complete project qualification and lifetime process:

  • Strategy – Product Presentations/Roadmaps
  • Sampling Process incl. Component Specification / Product Qualification
  • Fixed BOM for Modules / Flash Cards
  • General Quality and Purchasing Agreements
  • Logistic Agreements
  • Quality Management (Failure Analysis, 8D Format, PCN/PDN)
  • Member of suppliers´ and customers´ web based support tools